Illustration for Outside Magazine

Here was a fun illustration for Outside Magazine’s website to go with a story about one of their writers going to a Happy Summit in Florida. I think the image speaks for itself.


New Illustration for RICE magazine

Here is a fun illustration I did for RICE Magazine for RICE university. It was a feature about Becky Wade’s running around the world. She chronicles her experiences running in several countries with many different people around the world. From London, Japan, New Zealand to Ethiopia. The best part about this job is when someone who the article is about sees the image and loves it.


New Illustration for 5280 Magazine

Here is a new one for Denver Colorado magazine 5280. It’s about some Colorado trails and who should get to use them. Cyclists or hikers? We’ll let them fight it out.


New Illustration for Newsweek Magazine

This was for Newsweek magazine’s “Two Numbers” column where they either compare two numbers or just talk about two different numbers. In this one it was all about the exciting, way too long awaited, opening of the¬†National Museum of African American History and Culture. The first number is 101, the years since black Civil War veterans first called for a national space to celebrate African Americans. The other number 34,000 is the amount of items you’ll be able to see in the museum. Not sure about you but I really would love to visit this museum. Thanks again for the good people at Newsweek. Always great to work with.



Selected for American Illustration 35 annual book

This image that I did for Portland Monthly magazine, under the guidance of the fantastic art direction of Michael Novak, was selected to appear in American Illustration’s annual book that they publish each year. This was a really fun project with Portland Monthly for their 2015 summer guide about the Portland Pride parade. I had such a fun time working on this. Always a pleasure with the gang at Portland Monthly. You can read about this on Portland Monthly’s website HERE.


New Illustration for Hemisphere Magazine

Well this isn’t quite new. This was published in the July issue of Hemisphere. If you happen to travel on a United Airlines flight any time in July you might have seen this illustration in their inflight magazine. It was for a story about people who go on vacations that have them getting more involved in the work part of things. An example is a place in Italy where you can go on excursions to forage for your meal at the hotel.