Illustration for Milwaukee magazine

This was a fun illustration I did for an article about Tattoo removal and how scary it can be. Apparently it’s even more painful then getting a tattoo in the first place. That’s why I always say, if you have a tattoo you don’t like, then cover it up with a new tattoo whenever possible.



  1. I saw a great show on TV covering up tattoos … I think it’s called “The Tattoo Fixers”. Mike, your figures are great, you are influencing my hobby-drawing-style tremendously!

  2. really loved the central “no ragrets” tattoo, i thought it really summarized the illustration perfectly and added a lot of depth to the story the picture tell, great work!

  3. I know so many people who have gone through the tortures of tattoo removal. I have spent waayyyyy too many hours and too much money on mine. Plus I love my ink!!!

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