New Illustration for Variety Magazine

This was a super fun assignment for Variety Magazine. Thanks once again to the fab art director Cheyne Gately. He’s a pleasure to work with. The brief or concept he gave me was basically, Super girl holding up the convention centre where San Diego Comic Con is held and in front of that would be a big stand off with The Flash, The Green Arrow, and some characters from Walking Dead going against some Ice Zombies from Game Of Thrones. I’m like, “Uh yeah.” Fist pumping after I read that one.” Below is the result. The best part about this magazine is they a) print it larger than most magazines and b) they send me a copy. It turned out great. Full page with bleed. Thanks again Cheyne.



  1. Hi Michael,
    Just curious how you color your illustrations, all photoshop or do you still use traditional methods? Years ago I read an article in Atlantic Journal where the author pointed out that everybody is an artist except illustrators. Does that still hold true?

  2. Well first off according to the author of the article you wrote illustrators aren’t artists. I’d disagree but I’m just an illustrator so what do I know. As for my color I use Photoshop to do all my coloring and adding of any textures I may use. I first draw with Faber Castell Pitt pens. Then I scan that and use Photoshop to do the rest. Hope that answers your question.

  3. Thanks. I’ve been doing pen and ink for years,other artists would tell me people only buy paintings. They were right. If you actually bother to learn to draw it seems you get no respect.

  4. I think that history would reveal that many of the worlds greatest artists did many drawings. In fact they all typically learned how to draw before they ever touched paint. I personally think it’s important to learn how to draw before you ever take up painting. Just my thought and opinion.

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