New Illustration for Wall Street Journal

Happy Belated Father’s Day. Here is a fun one for Wall Street Journal about men going through midlife crisis and getting motorcycles but adding sidecars so they can take their kids along.



New Illustrations for Portland Monthly Magazine

Here is a series of illustrations I had a blast doing. They were to accompany four different articles in Portland Monthly’s summer guide. The first image was for a story about Portland celebrating the 40th anniversary of their Pride Festival! The next image was for an article about an 80s twist to a Shakespeare play. Finally this last image was for a story about the Portland Thorn players taking a break to go their separate ways and play for their respective countries in the 2015 FIFA women’s world cup. Thanks again to the fantastic Michael Novak!! Such a pleasure to work with.




New Illustrations for Outside Magazine

This was a fun series I did for Outside magazine about various Guides and their interesting stories. They really were quite weird and funny stories. Always a great time working with the Outside magazine art directors. Thanks again.

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