New Illustrations for Reader’s Digest

These were for a harrowing story about four men who survived a plane crash on the coast of B.C. The pilot managed to crash their plane in such a way that all four were able to survive and escape. Some severely injured but thankfully ALL four survived.

planeopener_web planehalf_web planequart_web


New Illustration for Apple, an Alberta Health Services Magazine

This was for Apple, an Alberta Health Services magazine. The story was about how people vary in their opinions and how they view people with mental illnesses. Some studies have shown that people tend to have more sympathy for people with behaviour based mental illnesses like gambling addiction or drug addiction where as others tend to look down on those with other mental illnesses like depression for example. Those think they should just ‘be happy’ or get over it.


Poster I created for The GALACTICATS!

Happy to be able to share this poster I created for a friend’s band called the GALACTICATS! With a name like that how could I say no. As I’m sure you can tell I had a blast making this. You can find more details about their band HERE!! If you want one of these posters then you need to go to one of their shows. You need to go to one of their shows anyway.