New Illustration for Toronto Life

Here was a really fun piece for Toronto Life about how crazy hockey parents can get. I’ve seen some videos on Youtube. They can get out of control. Always a pleasure working with the good folks at Toronto Life. It can be a nice challenge and fun trying to draw a crowd of people fighting.



New Illustration for Women’s Health

“Lost Connections: Last year’s Ice-Bucket Challenge was everywhere…yet few people know the real facts about ALS and a group of troubling neurological diseases that affect some 6 million Americans—many of them young women. Here’s all the info you need right now.” Intro to the article in Women’s Health magazine where these illustrations appeared. This was a challenging job but fun to do.

braindisease1_web braindiseasesmall_web braindisease2_web

New Illustration for Hemisphere Magazine

If you’re on a flight with United Airlines then you might see this in the current issue of Hemisphere Magazine. Done for their travel column. It’s about a couple who decided to vacation in a cabin in the woods. However realizing it’s probably not a good idea to watch horror movies before heading out on their trip. The horrific imagery imprinted in their minds from the scary movies made the beginning of their stay a little tense when any unusual sound would have them on edge. Spoiler, the vacation turned out to be lovely. You can read the whole story HERE>>