New Illustration for Maxim

Here is a fun piece I did for Maxim magazine about a new watch that the company Breitling has released called the Emergency 2. This little ditty is said to be able to save your life in any situation you find yourself stranded, lost, or hurt and help isn’t as easy to access. Just pull the little knobs out and an antenna comes out that sends a signal to a satellite that in turn sends a call to a rescue team and then they’ll come get you.



New Illustration for Hemisphere Magazine

Another sports illustration. This was for United Airlines Hemisphere magazine for their August issue. I am not a huge sports person but who wouldn’t have fun drawing sports themed images. There’s SO MUCH energy in them. This was about how teams sometimes treat their pitchers as if their royalty. Just in time for the Baseball season to be almost done. I think there’s still a few games left.

baseballpruning_web Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 2.25.26 PM

New Illustration for Variety Magazine

Here is a new piece I did for Variety magazine last week with a couple small spots. It’s for a story about how the NFL is taking over television.

nfltelevision_web spotthrow_web spotspike_web IMG_8324

New Illustration for School Library Journal magazine

This was a super fun assignment. I did the cover of School Library Journal and a full page for the feature. The story was about how fan fiction pieces are getting so much attention now a days. So much so that some are even doing book signings and getting a lot of internet attention. It’s always a great time when you get to mash up Harry Potter and Star Wars for an image. Also always a treat when you get to draw a dragon.

fanficcov_web fanficint_web SLJ140801-cover.indd

New #Illustration for Men’s Health Magazine

Here are a few images I did for a recent issue of Men’s Health about how to trick your brain to enjoy exercising. I can relate to needing an extra little mental stimulation to get me excited about working out. First is the opener followed by a couple smaller pieces to accompany the article.

opener_web turn1final_web turn2final_web