Fighting For A Seat At The Table

Here is a new piece I did for San Fransisco Magazine. This was a lot of fun. It’s a story about the application “Open Table” and how it’s success has birthed several competing apps. The market is getting aggressive and everyone wants a seat at the table. A fun project and great people to work with. Thanks again to the great team at San Fransisco Magazine. opentable_web Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.53.10 PM


New Piece for Outdoor Life magazine

This was for Outdoor Life magazine about how to tune your senses and become a better hunter in the safari. The idea is that you spend a period of time in the safari with a rifle, ear plugs, blindfold and gloves. Now for safety there are armed guides very close incase you are in danger. The idea is that by doing this, it helps you hone your senses to help you be a better hunter.