Green Hawaii cover for Hawaii Home & Remodelling Green edition insert.

It’s always fun to work with Hawaii magazines. A fun part if getting emails from the art directors is the ‘Aloha’ and the ‘Mahalo’ when they sign off. This was a fun one to work on. The AD gave me lots of freedom and I thought I’ve never really done any profile images. Why not? What the hell? And here you go. I did a profile.



British Invasion

Excitement started to build inside as I noticed that I was creeping closer and closer toward the one thousand follower threshold on Twitter. I decided for fun, since I’ve seen others do it, create a contest. The winner would get an original ink drawing by me. I thought, sure, I could just sift through the pile of ink drawings for jobs I’ve done and send them one of those. But I took this as another opportunity to create a fun personal piece. I’ve also noticed that Twitter followers seem to come and go quite easily and quite often. The number I see on my screen seems to slowly rise by going up and down and then up again. I decided to make the magic number not 1000 but 1010. That way there’s less likely a chance that the number will drop below one thousand. Ridiculous, I know. I never said I was smart or cool. However I reached that number. YAY. It turned out the winning number went to Jessica Warby! You can check out her work HERE. It turns out the destination that I’d be mailing this drawing to is the wonderful UK. Perfect! I decided to go with a British theme. And…I had to add a cat in there for good measure. The black and white original will be mailed out soon. So here is a colored in version.


britishfun_web britishfunbw_web