New work for Washington Post

This is a piece that’s in today’s Washington Post Style section about how a neighbourhood in DC called NoMa is providing free WiFi and asks the question of why isn’t WiFi free everywhere?



New work for Seattle Met Magazine

Here is a fun piece I did for Seattle Met Magazine about the many different trails you can use for many activities such as cycling, rollerblading, walking, running, hiking, or mountain biking. I’m sure there’s more things I didn’t think of. There are many sites and sounds you can bare witness to as you trek along these pathways. Some are asphalt, some are dirt, and some are gravel. Some trails even give you a site of a river with salmon heading upstream if you catch them on the right time of their season. It’s always fun when you are allowed to just fill an image with as many things as you can think of. It was fun. Thanks to the wonderful art director Jane Sherman.

0414_cover MichaelByers_spread seattlepathways

Underwater Submersibles for San Fransisco Magazine

This was an interesting article about different companies that are all developing a variety of underwater submersibles. The objects vary greatly from those that are controlled remotely from a nearby boat, to those that just float on the surface and move with the current of the wave to some that are operated by an actual person as if their underwater spaceships. Really cool. So much of this planet yet explored.