Klondike for Walrus Magazine!!

I did this piece toward the end of last year. It’s for an article in the Walrus magazine about the new mini series that the Discovery channel has put out called “Klondike.” As the same suggests it’s about the famous Klondike gold rush and all the craziness that ensued during that time. below you can see the trailer for the show or go HERE for more info.




Smokin’ Dogs Don’t Lie

Here is another instalment of my new comic HammerTime. It’s a reflection on some of the experiences and things that I’ve seen living in Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve been here for a little over four months now and still getting used to living in a larger city with such a diverse population. As I was walking down James Street, heading to a coffee shop I like, I passed by a site that just made me laugh. Out front of the well known Jackson Square mall I saw a crowd forming. Not that unusual there. I thought I’d take a peak. I thought it was just your typical street performer or person looking for some change. However I was wrong. Instead I saw a small Jack Russell Terrier on his hind legs sitting very erect with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The dog look highly unimpressed. I was impressed. Not at the talent of the dog but that someone had the balls to do this to make money. I just shook my head and continued on. Only in Hamilton I thought. Maybe not. Until the next adventure.


From Japan with Love for Visit Seattle

This was a fun piece I did at the end of 2013 for a Seattle Visitors magazine called Visit Seattle. It was about the major influence that Japanese culture has on the city of Seattle. Lots of fun. Makes me want to visit even more now. Here is the image and also the image in context. Thanks so much.

japanlove_web japanlove Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.28.18 PM

Playing around with animated GIFs

Here is my first animated Gif. Hope to be able to do more. This is super basic but fun. This was a map I did for 5280 Magazine in Denver a couple years ago.


The Joiners Club for The Grid

These two images I just did this week for the Grid. It’s a Toronto City paper. The article is about taking the steps to being a better you for the New Years resolutions you’d be making. In the article they showcase 29 Toronto clubs—some brainy and arty, some athletic and social—that would (probably) have you as a member (plus a few that might not). The last part of that sentence was copied from the article. Just as a disclaimer. You can read all about them HERE!

opener2_wev turnover2_web

Coaster for Wellington Brewery

Here is an image I did for the fabulous Brad McInerney at Wellington Brewery. He has been doing so many great projects at the Brewery incorporating art and illustration. You can see a promo below showing the other four coasters in the series. They were made my my good pals from Guelph, Marc Bell, Gillian Wilson, and Gregory Pepper. You can keep your eyes peeled in a bar near you to snag a coaster and try to collect them all.

byerscoaster2 1491504_10152130580939696_575631510_o