Becoming a Hermit

Moving into this new city was definitely weird at first. This is an exaggeration of how i was feeling at the time. I was always a very social person when we lived in Guelph. Maybe, quite possibly to a fault. Back in Guelph I would go out at least once a day to get a coffee and I would inevitably I would run into someone I knew, a social connection would ensue, I would feel satisfied and then I would go home. For the first week or so living here I felt like I lost that desire to go out and explore and socialize. I’m slowly getting back to my self now that I’ve since ventured out on my own to find my spot. There was actually a day however that my wife sent me a text encouraging me to go out of the house and explore because she was a little worried that I was turning into a hermit. It wasn’t really who I was. I’m now getting out and back to myself finally. We’re settling in quite nicely now and we can see ourselves here for a while. It feels good to get back into the swing of things. For now you can enjoy this quick little moment I was feeling less than excited to get out.



  1. Such a conservative reaction and unfounded fear.Your message was — Im alone and its scary .but put on a false face and its all better .As an australian bush dweller the cartoon says alot about societal codependance
    4 days alone? Who cares?

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