Strange New Land

This is my attempt at sequential art on my own. I’ve done a few comic style pieces for clients however they were all based on ideas that some else presented to me. This is going to be an ongoing strip of sorts that I hope to have fun with based on my experience in this strange new land I’m living in. I lived 32 years of my life with my mother in Cambridge, Ontario. It was the place I was born and the place i called home for most of my life. I blame my long time at home on fear of leaving the nest if you will. If it wasn’t for my wonder wife letting me live with her for a while as I built up my illustration career I might not have left home when I did. For the past four years I’ve been living with my wife in Guelph, Ontario. It’s a small city of 120 000 ish people. I planted roots there, met many wonderful people, and found myself very comfortable there. The idea of moving to a new city was frightening. I was very scared. My wife and I both were a little scared of what was going to come. We now live in Hamilton, Ontario. We’ve heard the gamut stories good and bad about this new place. This comic is just a small representation of how strange it felt to be now living in this new city of almost 600 000 people. Life in the big city my Dad always said. As we get more and more comfortable in our new surroundings I am increasingly excited about the opportunities that will open up for me, the people we will meet, and the adventures we will go on now that we live in the Hammer. From here on it’s HammerTime. Hope you enjoy the little strips. Thanks for checking it out.



  1. I love this – the technique, the humour, the colouring and lettering are all nicely done and work really well as sequential art. I also lived with my parents for 32 years, and have moved 4 times within the last 15 months, so this has some particular resonance for me. Look forward to seeing more strips!

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