Cautiously Optimistic! For Plansponsor Magazine

This is a piece I was lucky to do for SooJin Buzelli. I was nervous at first because I’ve heard that SooJin is wonderful at helping illustrators create some amazing work. I sort of put pressure on my self to come up with something out of this world. The pressure becomes doubled when it’s a client that you’ve wanted to work with since you graduated art school and finally get the chance. Don’t blow it I kept thinking. However SooJin is exactly like what everyone was telling me. Super great to work with. She was encouraging me to work in a way that I’m starting to work with is a little looser like I’ve been doing in my sketchbooks. This was a lot of fun and I hope to work with SooJin again soon. I added a few process images so you can see how it came about. I try not to use much photo reference but this time I was inspired by a photo below that a good friend of mine, Emily, took of the tulips in her back yard. She graciously gave me permission to use her photo.

sketch03 sketch04 sketch05 sketch06 946518_10151426484318564_536529385_n sketch01 cautiousoptimistline cautiousoptimist

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