New piece for Alberta Venture magazine.


Here is a piece from the August issue of Alberta Venture magazine. The title of the article was “The Wages of Sin is Debt.” Albertans are on a borrowing binge, unable or unwilling to take steps in their long-term interest.


New Piece for OnEarth Magazine


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Here is a recent piece I did for OnEarth magazine. The yellow sky piece was the one they published. You can see it here. It’s an article about a company that plans on building an entire city in the desert of New Mexico. It’s inhabitants are not humans but robots instead. The concept of the city is to be a place for scientists and others to do research, invent and test new technologies, and try out new ideas in a more real life setting rather than just a lab. This city will be full scale including strip malls, suburbs, churches, a downtown core, and even a mock airport.

The first image here is the one that was originally approved for final. Then the client decided that the second image was a better way to go. I think I agree. It’s one of those rare times as an illustrator when the client comes back with this request to take one of the other sketches you sent them and do a final version of that one. The the sketch they ask you to do is the one you wanted to do all along. I think it works out great because I got two images out of it.