Italian Mud for Dirt Rag magazine

Here is a feature piece I did for Dirt Rag magazine a month ago. It was a full page opener and half page illustration to go with a story of an American living in Italy and his debate with the Italian riders that go riding with him about American style of mountain biking versus a European way of cycling.


Fire ethics for Scouting Magazine.

Here is a piece I did for Scouting magazine. It’s really fun to be able to post a piece a did for a client I’m currently working with. Feels good to be in the middle of another project with them.
I’ll post that one later when I’m able. For now this fun piece about a scout trip where the topic of ethics with regards to the ‘leave nothing behind’ policy. Some people were in favor of building a large fire when they got to the camp ground after getting soaked on a hike to dry off quicker. However some debated that it’s better to make a smaller fire as to not leave behind as much waste.

I never found out who won. Ha ha.

Will Eastwood.

Here was a fun sketchbook drawing of what was supposed to be Will Ferrell ended up, to me, looking more like a cross between Will Ferrell and Clint Eastwood. Getting the likeness of someone definitely isn’t easy. Can’t win them all. It was still fun. I used a Pitt size small felt tip pen and a Pentel Pocket brush on this one for those who care.

Thanks for viewing.