NYC map for Tribeca Film Festival for PUNCH! app for iPad

Here is a map that was really fun to do for PUNCH! Culture Shelf. It’s a cool app for the iPad where you can interact with different images and such to see and learn about all sorts of Pop Culture stuff. The map I did was for the Tribeca Film Festival. It highlights twelve of the films in the festival that were filmed in NYC. You click on the reel and get info about the film and are able to tap on the movie trailer to see what it’s all about.

You can get the app here.

Below are iPad screen captures of what it looks like and what it’s like with the pop up fun fact window.
Also is the map in it’s entirety.


The NY Jets have a new pilot!

Here is a fun little image I did for myself of Tim Tebow. Such a fascinating character he is. Time will tell if he can add a lot of great inspirational energy to the NY Jets next season.

Group show in Hamilton

This coming friday April 13th from 7-11PM I’ll be participating in a group show downtown Hamilton. For more information see attached promo. Should be a fun night. It’s going to co-inside with the monthly Art crawl that Hamilton puts on in it’s downtown core.


Two images “Choosen” for American Illustration 31 online gallery and archives

The following two images were choosen for the American Illustration 31 online Gallery and archives.
It’s always an honor to be included in the AI gallery.





Exquisite Corpse: The Butterworth story feature.

Here is a feature I just did for Seattle Met Magazine. It was a lot of fun. Gave me a chance to draw old fashioned stuff.
It’s a super interesting story as well. You can read more of it here.




Golf Digest Hungover Caddy Column

This was a fun piece. It was my chance to try to make it look like it’s raining and that the caddy is getting wet so the golfer can stay dry. Love the great people at Golf Digest.